About Me


If an FM radio has woken you up in a busy Australian capital city in the past 20 years, chances are you have already heard me.

I grew up in country Victoria and was involved in the launch of Shepparton’s long awaited community radio station ONE FM.  I quickly made a name for myself by becoming an award winning announcer before the age of 18 at 3SR.  It wasn’t long before the big city beckoned and I made the move to metropolitan radio.

Over the next decade I worked across Australia for several major radio networks. With music shifts on FOX FM, Triple M and Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, Triple M Brisbane and SAFM in Adelaide.  It was in Adelaide where I was first offered the all-important role of breakfast host.  Both producing and anchoring the ‘Amanda and James’ show, I was an integral part of the team that hurtled the show to No.1 , creating top-rating promotions along the way including The Great Race, Nan and Popstars and the award winning ‘Fugitive’.

With steady, calm rapport and impeccable timing, I have been credited as being ‘one of the best breakfast anchors in the country’ and have gone on to host numerous top rating breakfast shows. I have worked alongside some of Australia’s best talent including James Brayshaw, Chrissie Swan, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Dave O’Neil, Lehmo and Brigitte Duclos.

Behind the scenes I am an experienced producer and have become a valued member of several programming teams, working as an assistant program director, creating ideas for shows, developing content , writing and producing promotions, training announcers and working closely with news rooms.   Also an experienced product team member, I am able to draw on 20 years of commercial radio experience and contribute to future planning and overall station programming.

I am now using my experience to teach media at a tertiary level as a part of Victoria University’s First Year College at Footscray Park.  Subjects I have designed and teach include Radio Production, Cross Media Practices and Online Screen Media.  I also teach Making Social Media at Deakin University in Burwood.  I have also mentored future talent at Melbourne’s Radio Training Institute developing skills in on-air presentation, studio operation and podcast production.

EMAIL: joebovalino@arn.com.au